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To receive future information from Clemson University, please complete the following form.

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Prospect Name

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Prospect Gender

Prospect Ethnicity/Race

Information Ethnicity is no longer used for state or federal reporting, only Race. You have the option to skip this section or select as many races that apply to you. If you report, please start with the Hispanic section first.

Note Please select one or more races that you consider yourself to be.

American Indian or Alaska Native Asian Black or African American Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander White

Information Traditional students begin in the Fall; however, please select the term that matches your intended enrollment date.

For example: if you graduate high school in May 2013, you would select Fall 2013 as your intended enrollment date.

Prospect Entry Term

Prospect Student Type

Prospect High School
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(example: 9.99, or A+)

*note: for the section below, if you are a transfer student, list your most recent college enrollment information.

Prospect Prior College
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(example: 9.99)

*note: Below is an abbreviated list of academic areas. Select a primary major for your related academic interests.

Prospect Major

Please select interest areas from the list below (Crtl + click to select multiple interests).

Prospect Interests

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